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Serafino Murri

Short Bio

Serafino MURRI (Rome, 1966), a graduate in aesthetics, has long been a film critic and theoretician: he is one of the main authors of the authoritative Cinema’s ncyclopaedia Treccani (Rome, 2003-2005), and published several monographic books dedicated to film directors such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Krszystof Kieślowski, Martin Scorsese (Il Castoro Cinema Press), and Pier Paolo Pasolini. Salò or the 120 days of Sodoma (Lindau Press). He’s been editor-in-chief of cinema specialist periodicals as "Close-Up" (1996-2000) and "Filmmaker's Magazine" (1998-2002), and official film critic of "XL", the monthly review of the best-seller Italian newspaper, “Repubblica” (2005-2013, hard copy paper edition). Since 1999 he worked as an author, director and host of broadcasts for SKY’s platform Channel "RaiSat Cinema World" and DTV’s "RaiMovie” TV channels. Selection manager for the world’s older Film Festival, "Venice Film Festival" (2002 and 2003 editions) and many other festivals. Media translator for dubbings and subtitling, since 1993 he wrote Italian dialogues of foreign movies (among the authors translated Loach, Makhbmalbaf, Chabrol, Oshima, Gitai, Rohmer, Tykwer, Im-Kwon-taek, Bodrov, Tsai-Ming liang, etc.), film classics re-editions (Frank Capra, George A. Romero, ecc), tv series (classic from Seinfeld to Zorro, but also Netflix new series as Sex Education, Dirty John, Santa Clarita Diet). He is a lecturer teaching Film and New Media Theories at the IULM University of Milan, La Sapienza University, IED (European Institute of Design”), "Gian Maria Volonté" School of Cinematographic Art and UNINT University in Rome. He directed fiction films (Movimenti, 2003, Feisbum, 2009) and documentaries (The Music Hall of Rome, 2008, Scandalo in Sala, 2014), but also music videos, commercials and institutional advertising. Since 2005 he’s a member of the Jury of the Italian Film Academy Award “David di Donatello”. As a literary writer, he published several short tales and poems (in collective books and “Nuovi Argomenti”, mainstream review published by Mondadori Press). As a musician, he composed and performed all the soundtracks of his own movies, and in 2017-2018 started working on digital music improvisations for the performer Antonio Bilo Canella’s “performActions”. Iphoneographer and graphic artist, he’s also part (together with the French photographer Gérald Bruneau) of the artistic neo-pataphisic duo “Géraphin Brunur”.

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