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It's all true. Interviste sull'arte del cinema.

by Orson Welles

Translation by Serafino Murri

Publisher: Minimum Fax

An unforgettable «close encounter» with one of the most innovative and revolutionary filmmakers of all time. This volume collects a series of interviews in which Welles tells his story in all respects with his unmistakable irony, tracing his entire career as an actor, screenwriter and director: from the famous live radio broadcast "The War of the Worlds" - with which in 1938 he threw America into a panic by a sor of “” of a hypothetical landing of Martians on Earth -, to his notorious clashes with the Hollywood majors for the artistic control of his films, up to his last brilliant and unfinished movie projects. The book is enriched by a recollection of Welles by Gore Vidal, and by an essay by Serafino Murri on the aesthetics of the incomplete in Welles’ work, Bigger than life.

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