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Post-apocalypticals & dis-integrated

Publisher: manifestolibri

The Covid-19 pandemic is a mirror suddenly focused on the society of the Anthropocene: individuals united only by competition and for some time now barricaded in the intangible bunkers of virtuality. A dis-society of post-apocalyptic and disintegrated, to paraphrase Umberto Eco. The restyling of "platform capitalism", despite its dizzying growth, is no longer enough to a capital in permanent social and health emergency and at the mercy of the decisions of governments to cancel public debts and suspend guarantees and protections of the free market. The authors reconstruct the fragmented picture of a present where Capital and the enhancement of value accelerate the coup de grace to human and energy resources, between "zombie work", environmental collapse and the commodification of digital identities: the last stage of a regressive process that needs of a new beginning if you really want to avoid the end of the world as its exhaustion. With the only certainty that, as an anarchist writes on a wall in Barcelona, ​​"we cannot go back to normality, because normality was the problem".

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