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Visual thinking and aesthetics of Digital Subjectivity

Publisher: Meltemi Editore

On the interface screen of a smartphone, the connected individual is transformed into digital subjectivity. A hybrid life form between Human and Artificial Intelligence, which is expressed above all through images, whose social, cognitive and aesthetic modalities have changed the sense and perception of history, economy and politics, leading them into the era of "onlife" simultaneity . What is the role of art in a world where artists no longer hold the monopoly of creativity and "user generated" content is at the center of the Web-Social Media system? Crossing the theory of mind, neuroscience, aesthetics and cybernetics, Sign (s) of the times answers the open questions on the future of visual art and draws a map of the new artists, programmers and designers who in the individual fields of digitality (Interactive, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Infoporn, Generative, Computational Imaging, Machine Learning) are revolutionizing the boundaries of human experience between real and virtual and their aesthetic intertwining.

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