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Drammaturgie multimediali. Media e forme narrative nell'epoca della replicabilità digitale

by G. Canova

Publisher: Unicopli

On the Internet is taking place a process of hybridization of traditional languages as radio, cinema, television, and performative arts (web radio, web tv, web-theatre). The result is the emerging of a new multimedia dramaturgy, melting genres and alnguages. Always more medial products - beyond their using different languages -, are projected to have a life and be played on different technological platforms. This volume makes an inquiry on the general scenario of this mutation through different contributions from a multimedia perspective. The authors of the essays, acknowledged scholars in the media field, are  Matteo Bittanti, Serafino Murri, Gaia Varon, Stefano Lombardi Vallari, Elisabetta Ferrari, Tiziano Bonini, Franco Marineo and Gianni Sibilla.

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