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Since the last years of 1990s, while I was collaborating with Pesaro "Festival of New Cinema" I've been working on the extraordinary experience of the British filmmaker Chris Petit, and developed a critic dialogue on his experimental movies with the author. The first result has been this essay on different movies of the last decade, published both in the Catalogue of Pesaro Festival and by the Journal of Art, Context and Enquiry "Afterall". HEre you can find the english text.


TRAFIC (P.O.L. Editions, Paris), n. 30 - 1998

Trafic is the FIlm-Critic Magazine founded and firstly directed by Serge Daney, ex editor-in-chief of the "Cahiérs du Cinema", and one of the last genius of style and engagement in the history of Film-critic, prematurely dead for AIDS in 1992. In 1998 the new director Raymond Bellour started an inquiry amongst the film-critics all over the world on the upcoming transformations of the experience of film vision, called "Movie Mutations". To represent Italy, were called me and the director of "Close-Up" Giovanni Spagnoletti, to talk about the meaning of being "Cinéphile" at the end of the second millennium. Here you can read my intervention in Italian.

Serge Daney
Chris Petit


Exhibition Catalogue edited by Thomas Y. Levin, Ursula Frohne, and Peter Weibel (2002)

ZKM Museum of Karlsruhe, directed by Peter Weibel, organized in 2001-2002 a huge visual exhibition on the image of surveillance, named "ctrl-space". Amongst the artist exposing their works, there was also Chris Petit, on whom I was working deeply at the time. This is my contribution on the catalogue and the website of the Exhibition.

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