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"Liberazione" (just as well as "Libération" in France), has been the Newspaper of the Post-Communist Party, faded with the many transformation of the party into a new political subject. At the times, in 2008, while I was writing on cinema&politics on the "Aprile" magazine (the monthly magazine linked to the political party), the Director Piero Sansonetti asked me to write an introduction to one of the most important political movies of the 70s, Elio Petri's "La classe operaia va in paradiso" (The Working Class goes to Heaven, 1971), released and distributed with the Newspaper. I tried to focus on what was left of the ancient critical spirit of this immense film director, so many years after. In those years, something was still going on in Italian movie industry.

The Working Class goes to Heaven

Orwell logo.jpg

"Orwell" - Literary Centerfold of "Pubblico"

"Pubblico" (audicence, but also general public) has been a very short-termed experiment in the late 2012 of a new and very peculiar newspaper founded and directed by the young journalist Luca Telese. The Literary centerfold, "Orwell", was directed by the Writer Christian Raimo, with whom I collaborated several times, online and offline, on sites and books. I sent him my first article on November 2012, on Leos Carax's "Holy Motors", and on December I was commissioned to write a second one on P. T. Anderson's "The Master". We couldn't publish it, because the Newspaper has been let down by its financiers, suspiciously for political rather than economical reasons.

Here you can read both of my articles, the second still unpublished.

Holy Motors

The Master

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