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Treccani: Enciclopedia del cinema

by various authors

Publisher: Treccani

For the first time since its centennial life as one of the most important cultural institution of Italy, the Istituto Treccani creates an encyclopaedic work entirely dedicated to the “seventh art”: divided into five volumes, the “Encyclopedia of Cinema”, a project  directed by Enzo Siciliano and followed by experts in the field such as and Bernardo Bertolucci, is a formidable collecting work gathering all of the most important cinema experts of the country, an instrument of analysis of the origins, the development and the present of cinema. The Encyclopedia, also presented in the multimedia format (one DVD and three CD-ROMs), is accompanied by a 'Critical Film Dictionary' curated by the Cineteca di Bologna.

Inside you will find the complete index of Serafino Murri articles published in this prestigious work, also available in its online version, and a sample of one of his most important critical contributions, "INQUADRATURA" (Shot/framing).

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