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Pietas (The Red and The Black, 2016)

Interactive set by Géraphin Brunur:  Michelangelo's Pietas reloaded, with original church music version of "The International" hymn. Just contemplate the image, read the Prayer, and play the music.


Master Yehoshua Bar Yosef they call the Christ

Thou who show’d us how much the Human Realm is glum

And ev’ry Power blind, ev’ry Powerful scum 

That trade and price deserve despice

That true love is a sword just made to torn

That Pharisee are made to mock

And for any cheeck we concede

With a cane to beat we need

The Merchants in the Temple

(that screaming moss

who sent you to the Cross) ,

your celestial Dromedary

who the wealthy mortifies

passing through the needle-eye to Paradise

out of the blue we pray:

hey: all the sins forgive

of us who live in deprivation

have you mercy on our lack of reputation

and shall not push us to the temptation

of a social integration

but get us rid of the Capital


Internazionale Revisited - Géraphin Brunur
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The Red and the Black

The Red and the Black

Riproduci Video

The Red and The Black, Pataphysical Epiphany  (2016)

Video of the Live Performance "The Red and the Black", words and images (and final music track) by me for Géraphin Brunur 

Performers: Gérald Bruneau, Helena Velena, Antonio Bilo Canella, with Mimosa Maniàci, Riccardo Grandi, Lucrezia Marzo, Andrea Porcu, Giacomo Di Biasio

LIFE - by Géraphin Brunur

LIFE - by Géraphin Brunur

Riproduci Video

LIFE - A Video Discourse by Géraphin Brunur (2017)

A stop-motion flow of images for a pataphysical discourse: mash-up art, with pictures by Gérald Bruneau, Music and Words by me for Géraphin Brunur, and the discoursing voice of Gérald Bruneau.


"Wanna marry me?" Artistic Garrison in form of Ceremony.

by STALKER & Géraphin Brunur

Macro Asilo 2018

On October 4th 2018, at Macro Asilo Museum, Géraphin Brunur tjoined the artistic collective "STALKER" to take part to a Ceremony as an "Artistic Garrison" to support Mimmo Lucano, Mayor of Riace, removed by authorities for his help and support to migrants in his little town: together, they celebrated the Bridal "of interest" (this was the court's charge on Major Lucano) between people of any race and credo. Here you find a gallery of images of the Ceremony, some web news about it, a music by Géraphin Brunur, and you can read the whole text of the Ceremony on the link below.

Atelier Riace Ritual - Géraphin Brunur
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