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Making Festivals: Selection Committee and Section Manager

Since late '90s, I started working as a Film Festival Manager, being part of Selection Committee of International Film Festivals, and Directing Festival Sections as General Manager. I started working with Director Adriano Aprà for the Selection of PEsaro Film Festival in 1998, but the "baptism of fire" came with my work for Venice Film Festival, under the direction of the German former Chairman of Berlin Film Festival Moritz De Hadeln. In Venice 59th and 60th editions (2002/2003) I have been member of the Selection Committee for the International Competitions, but also General Manager of the Experimental Section "Nuovi Territori" (New Territories). Short movies, experimental works, animations, music videos, documentaries and different formats where the contents of this freewheeling Section. Years later, I created for Director Steve Della Casa at "Roma Fiction Fest" a special upstream section: "FACTUAL". It was quite weird to develop a section dedicated to factual and documentaries in a Festival whose range was Fiction: but just such was the big challenge. Demonstrating that the narration of reality is, as the film director Krszysztof Kiesolwski used to say, a "Dramaturgy of Reality", a subjective mise-en-scéne of the world around us. For now, I give you an example of my work in Roma Fiction Fest's "Factual" Section in 2008 and 2009: so that you can have a cross-section and an overview of the festival managing work. You can read the selection and its structuring, and also see a video excerpt from a Press Conference on a documentary I invited in my section, that provoked scandal in 2009:  "Vows of silence" by Jason Berry. 

Excerpts from Jason Berry's "Vows of Silence" Press Conference (July 2009)

Excerpt 1

Excerpt 2


Here you can find the projects of the "Factual" Section I created for Seteve Della Casa's "Roma Fiction Fest" in 2008 and managed in 2009 also, before quitting the Festival. You can enter the work in progress, see the mainlines and understand the editorial POV. You can find details on the selected movies, their programming, the Jury's chosen members, and the synopsis of the movies. And finally you may "enter" the atmosphere around this controversial and provocative documental section, touching all the hottest topics of society in those years.

Fiction fest 2008 me della casa.jpg
Fiction Fest 2009 Me.jpg

RFF 2009: Me, Steve Della Casa, M. Spagnoli

RFF 2009: Me hosting in "Factual" section

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