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Section dedicated to books with samplers and excerpts and links to publisher's stores, and with the entire texts of contributions in collective books and works. The passage in time from the movie theory and culture to the emerging galaxy of digital arts and post-cinema in the new hybrid virtual environment including User Generated Content, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Interactive. Plus literary works and some unreleased works.

One of the specific professional tasks into media industry: the work of audiovisual translator, as an author of the italian version of dialogues for movie, series and documentary dubbings. The section includes links to audiovisual products, a sample of a dialogue adaptation and some lectures on the specific work of author of dialogues for dubbings.

Some samples of my acrtvity as a script Author for different formats of TV broadcasting shows.

Short essays, articles and columns in magazines, newspapers and journals. More than two decades investigating the aesthetic boundaries of visual arts.

A sample from one of my lessons as a teacher of "Theory of Cinematographic Language and Adiovisual Translation" at UNINT University of Rome - e-learning (2019)

My work as a Film Festival Manager since late 90s (including Venice FiIm Festival and Rome Fiction Fest), with a complete overview on the creation of a Festival Section ("FACTUAL", in Rome Fiction Fest). Plus some excerpts from hosted press-conferences .

Cross-medial section dedicated to Interviews made and given by me on various and different topics, mostly in the field of cinema and new media areas.

Conferences, symposiums, press-conferences and meetings I took part over the years

Some materials and links of a pasttime paradise: the Web in its passage from 1.0 to 2.0. Faraway, so close.

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