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About Pier Paolo Pasolini 

I started very early my studies on Pier Paolo Pasolini as a Film Director, and published my first book about him in 1994. Since then, I went on with my studies, and gave many conferences conferences around the world, published several articles in Italian and foreign scientific magazines, Encyclopedias, and published a monographic book about "Salò or the 120 Days of Sodoma". Here you can find some samples of conferences and International Studies on Pasolini in which I participated.


November 2005: Pasolini in Montreal

On November 2005, 30 years since Pier Paolo Pasolini's assassination, I was invited in Montreal by "La Cinémathèque Quebecoise" and Italian Culture Institute to present the whole retrospective of his movies. In that occasion, I read the conference "Portrait du cinéaste vivant. L'estthétique militant dans le cinema de Pier Paolo Pasolini". You can read the text of the conference both in Italian and in French, and find some reviews. 

Pier Paolo Pasolini: Ritratto del cineasta da vivo
Pier Paolo Pasolini: Portrait du cinéaste vivant
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January 2009: Pasolini in Warszaw

On January 2009 I went to Warsaw together with Pasolini's main Actor, Ninetto Davoli, to take part to a Conference on his poetry of freedom at TR Warszawa, Chairman the polish film-critic and essayst Mateusz Werner. Here you can find some reviews, and the text (in polish) of the foreword I wrote for the book "Pier Paolo Pasolini, Po ludobójstwie. Eseje o języku, polityce i kinie" (Pier Paolo Pasolini, after the genocide. Essays on language, politics and cinema), edited by Mateus Werner in 2012 for Biblioteka Kwartalnika Kronos (Italian and polish versions)

Pier Paolo Pasolini: Ritratto dell'artista da vivo
Ninetto Davoli_Warsaw_february 2009
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June 2015: Pasolini in Florence

On June 2015 I was invited by the Kunsthistorisches Institut - Max Planck Institut in Florenz in collaboration with New York University to take part to a session of the International Symposium "Pier Paolo Pasolini: Image, Body, Site / Immagine, corpo, luogo" in Villa La Pietra and Palazzo Grifoni, where I read a Conference on "Pasolini from the Abjure on "Trilogy of Life" to "Salò or the 120 Days of Sodoma". Repressive integration of the sexual body". Here you can find the text of the conference, and some reviews.




Forlì: ScreenIt 2010

ScreenIt 2010 has been one of the conferences and workshops being held in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the University of Bologna's prestigious Advanced School in Modern Languages for Translators and Interpreter (Forlì), coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the city's Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Languages, Translation and Cultures.

I took part to it focusing on the "user generated translation" and the "open source" intellectual work as it has to be considered in the thechnologic habits of the "Digital Native" generation.

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Bari 2010 (National Convention "Le Fabbriche di Nichi): project of a web 3.0 network of direct information -  "CALL-OUT NET"

"Callout Net" is a creative networking framework for "direct information" in the form of a constantly expanding social forum, tu be built starting from the tools of the Web 3.0  ("Semantic Web" + "Linked Open Data"), provided with an "highlighter" with customized parameters to map the research and the interaction with social realities operating  as organizations on the ground. The target is to build a new model of "participative information", untouched by the "business media" news manipulations.

Here you can find the project in its entirety (in Italian)

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